Sombrero de paja toquilla, also known as the Panama hat, is a delicately woven hat made out of “toquilla” straw. The Panama hat is native to Ecuador and has been passed down for many generations. The “toquilla” palm grows along Ecuador’s Pacific Coast and has been used by artisans for many years. Flow Handmade revolutionizes the use and meaning of the “toquilla” palm with the creation of our custom, hand-crafted hats and bags. Our vision is to combine fashion and flow with community and tradition. With the ability to customize our products with our hand-designed scarfs, women and men will feel empowered to incorporate their own flow into their wardrobe staples.


From next-door neighbors in Ecuador to lifelong friends and business partners, we combined our background in fashion design and passion for giving back to the community to create Flow Handmade. The “toquilla” straw has been around for many years and continues to be passed on by generations of females. The art of weaving this fine, delicate straw began in the cities of Montecristi and Cuenca, and has evolved into an ultimate fashion staple worldwide. In order to continue supporting the local artisans and empowerment, Flow Handmade gives you the power to add your flow to your favorite pieces so that both you and the artisans who weave your piece can continue to be confident, successful, and in the flow of their lives.


Flow Handmade brings hand-crafted, custom, original pieces to the table while implementing culture and tradition into each piece. Our hand-designed scarf designs and hat bands are inspired by the animals, nature, and colors of the Pacific coast and Amazon Rainforest. Our most popular scarves feature hummingbirds, llamas, orchids, guayacans, the bird of paradise flower, and bright colors. Each design is crafted with meaning and captures the culture and tradition behind the Panama hat.


Values of confidence, creation, tradition, passion, and quality are at the forefront of our mission and vision. We want to empower our community to be confident and successful in their own ways. Our empowerment does not stop at our customers. The artisans who spend their time creating these beautiful pieces are in need of more acknowledgement and income. They spend hours putting their passion and talent into each weave, and Flow Handmade is excited to be able to give back a percent of our profit to these artisans so that the tradition of the “toquilla” straw can continue to be passed on.